With a heavy heart we have to announce that the MLP-Cup 2022 had to be cancelled. For the second time in a row, we have to deal without a top-class tennis event at the Racket Center. This decision was anything but easy for us. The unforeseeable pandemic situation makes it impossible for us to hold this ITF tournament.

The MLP-Cup as a sporting highlight at the beginning of the year is not only of great importance for us, but also for the entire region. The internationality makes the tournament something special, in times of a pandemic, of course, also a risk. This risk concerns athletes, hotels which host them during the week and all guests of the Racket Center. Especially as a house, in which the health of each individual is central, we see ourselves in the responsibility to preserve it.


Therefore it is not justifiable for us to organize a tournament where dozens of accompanied players from more than 20 nations come together. With high incidences and low vaccination rates in neighboring countries, we cannot completely rule out the possibility of the virus spreading further.

In addition, the MLP-Cup is a huge tennis feast, a gathering of young talent and a sports festival for professional athletes and spectators. We want to arrange an event of togetherness, joy of sports and create the whole experience around it. An unique character is created by our numerous supporting events (Junior Doubles Trophy, 1 Point Tournament...), engagements of our partners and different theme evenings. This entirety of side events would not have been possible this year. The character of the tournament could not have been guaranteed.


In short: The MLP-Cup is characterized by its unique sociability.

Unfortunately this is exactly what drives the pandemic. Therefore we have to take responsibility for the health of many people at the Racket Center and cancel the whole event.

Nevertheless, we would like to thank all sponsors and volunteers, who had already promised their support. We are looking forward to the MLP-Cup 2023, where we hope to see all of us in a relaxed atmosphere again.


We hope for your understanding, wish you all the best and above all: Stay healthy!


Yours sincerely


Dr. Matthias Zimmermann

Tournament Director MLP-Cup