Dr. h. c. Lautenschläger




Dear tennis friends,


Last year, the MLP-Cup was named the "Bestes Turnier der GSM German Masters Series", so the Racket Center is celebrating the New Year as the "Fitnessstudio des Jahres 2018". The venue of the "Internationale Herrentennismeisterschaften der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar" enjoys an outstanding position among nearly 10,000 sport, leisure and fitness facilities. We are very proud of that - and equally grateful to all the members, ...

Stefan Bitenc



Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

Dear tennis friends,


Once again in 2019, the organizers of the MLP-Cup managed to set up a $25,000 world ranking tournament in little Nußloch. With great love for the sport, the MLP-Cup has matured beyond the borders of the region and our Badischer Tennis Association/Badischen Tennisverbands into an outstanding sporting event. The excellent conditions for players and spectators, and the great events of the MLP-Cup are always on par with the great ...

Dr. Matthias Zimmermann



 Dear tennis friends,

 Valuable visitors to our MLP Cup 2019,


Whether or not we were able to live up to the title of the "Bestes Turnier der GSM German Masters Series" last year will be demonstrated at the "Internationale Herrentennismeisterschaften der Metropolregion Rhein-Neckar". The number of sponsors and supporters already proves that the dedication from our team is appreciated. We are also confident that the popularity of the audience will continue unabated and that we can look back to a great tennis week with gratitude at the end of a successful tournament.