For the 14th time we’re looking forward to the „International Tennis Championships of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region as part of the MLP-Cup 2017” in the Racket Center in Nussloch.


Dear tennis fans,


as a 25.000 US$ ITF-Future tournament the MLP-Cup makes once again a gesture for the regional tennis sport. The claim of the organizer, the Racket Center and all of the sponsors is underlined by the new endowment: The “International Tennis Championships of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region” have an international reputation which brings together professional tennis players from all over the world in Nußloch.


Last year’s final proved that the players show their optimum capacity in a highly motivated way while fighting for points for their ATP ranking. Of course this confirms clearly the sportive class of the tournament. We’re very proud to organize and host a sports event with such quality in the Racket Center. It is inspiring to see how motivated the organizing team is working. It is also the young helpers’ well-deserved commendation which is ever given by the players and the officials of the ITF (International Tennis Federation). A lot of respect is due to the numerous voluntaries, an explicit compliment to the team of student apprentices and a great thank you to all sponsors.


We also appreciate the complaisant and engaged reporting about the MLP-Cup during the whole week by our regional media. Giving tennis a future and its events is only possible by working together hand in hand with the BTV - Badischer Tennis Verband - and the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar. For this the MLP-Cup is representative and confirms this in an excellent atmosphere.


I wish all visitors of the 14th MLP-Cup that they will be able to know the promise of this atmosphere. In this context I welcome you to our 25.000 US$ ITF-world ranking tournament in the Racket Center Nußloch from the 22th to the 29st of January 2017 and I’m looking forward to celebrate a tennis fest with you.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. h. c. Manfred Lautenschläger 




Dear tennis fans,

Esteemed visitors of our MLP-Cup 2017,


the MLP-Cup fascinates through great tennis in striking distance to the players on the court. We like to remember the final of 2016 and of how a spark was ignited to the spectators and lit a fire of enthusiasm. Numerous players of the former world ranking tournaments in the Racket Center are now on the great international stage of professional tennis and their matches can be seen live in TV. But – and this has to be revealed: The fascinating experience of a live match cannot be comprehended by watching tennis from the couch.


For this reason I’m inviting you to join and experience the MLP-Cup in the Racket Center Nußloch – the speed of the ball and players, the tension while they’re fighting for each point.


The fascination not only of the execution but also of the prearrangement of a tournament with this dimension is also contagious for the helpers. A great team of student apprentices, trainees and volunteers want to create a special ambience. We’re glad that the local media assimilates this with appreciation. It is because of the newspapers, radio and television that this sport event – which is the most important tennis tournament of the metropolitan region Rhine-Neckar – can emphasize its brilliance.


To conclude a special thanks remains for all the sponsors. Their commitment helps the sport of tennis as well as our charity program TDKET. The MLP-Cup, too, will put the spotlight on the ‘Tariku and Desta Kids’ Education through Tennis Development (TDKET) Ethiopia’. In this unique and outstanding educational project tennis unfolds its whole power of character building. In all its facets tennis is a fascinating sport.


Assure yourself of the MLP-Cup's unity and visit our 25.000 US$ ITF world ranking tennis tournament from the 22th to the 29st of January 2017 in the Racket Center Nußloch. I'm looking forward to welcome you.


Yours sincerely,


Dr. Matthias Zimmermann

- Tournament Director -