The acceptance list for the MLP-Cup 2019 extends so far from ATP Ranking 265 to 499. The field is headed by frenchman Mathias Bourgue. 

Christian Hirschmüller is the winner of the MLP-Cup Challenge and therefore receives the wild card for the main field of our MLP-Cup, starting on Tuesday January 22nd. Second and third placed Torben Steinorth and Robin Lang have hard-fought for the wild card for the qualification to the MLP-Cup on Monday 21st. Congratulation, we are looking forward to see you and the other players soon!

The qualification results and main draw is online! 

We were honored!

Our MLP-Cup 2017 was honored as the best tournament of the German Masters Series. On this occasion we want to thank our partners and especially all of our energetic volunteers.

29th Jan 2017: Mats Moraing wins 14th MLP-Cup


After he won against Alexey Vatutin, Mats Moraing was able to succeed in the final, too. In front of 500 spectators the World No. 432 fought two gripping sets against Daniel Masur [1] winning by 7:6 7:6. In the end Moraing was able to prevail due to his serving strength and 20 aces throughout the match. By clinching his sixth Future crown, he also wins 27 ATP ranking points.

28th Jan 2017: German final ahead


After Andreas Mies and Oscar Otte won the double final this afternoon, the two semi finals of the singles main draw took place on the center court. Daniel Masur [1] bet his opponent Marvin Netuschil in two gripping sets by 7:5 7:6 (12:10). Afterwards Mats Moraing was able to follow his countryman into the final tomorrow at 2 p.m.. Due to his 6:4 3:6 6:4 victory over Alexey Vatutin from Russia, we are looking forward to seeing a German final. We would like to invite all spectators and tennis lovers to a delicious brunch and live music by Heidelberg JazzMen at 9 a.m. to start into a day full of great tennis.

28th Jan 2017: Duo Mies/Otte wins double final


The first final of MLP-Cup 2017 has been decided in only 47 minutes. The double partners Andreas Mies and Oscar Otte won out over their Polish opponents Mateusz Kowalczyk and Grzegorz Panfil in two sets. In the end the score was 6:3 6:0 for the German players. This afternoon the two semi finals of the single tournament will take place in Nußloch before two players will fight for the MLP-Cup trophy at 2 p.m tomorrow.

27th Jan 2017: Semi finals coming up - double final starts at 2 p.m.


And again the strong player Daniel Masur came out on top by winning in three sets with 6:4 5:7 6:4 against Oscar Otte. Robin Kern's surprising run through the tournament found an end against the tough playing left-handed Mats Moraing. Marvin Netuschil and Alexey Vatutin are completing the semi finals. The double final is taking place tomorrow at 2 p.m., followed by the mens singles semi finals.

26th Jan 2017: The final weekend is coming


The sensation is going on. After defeating last years winner Nils Langer, Robin Kern couldn`t be stopped by tournaments number three Eduardo Struvay either.

In a tight match Daniel Masur [1] avoided an early elimination and managend to win the three-set-thriller against Vadym Ursu. Tomorrow the VIP area and a stand at the center court are waiting for you.

23rd Jan 2017: The main draw is set


In highly exciting matches, which took place at the Racket Center throughout the day, eight players were able to qualify for the main draw tomorrow. These were the German players Alexander Mannapov, Dominik Böhler, Elmar Ejupovic, Lukas Rübke, Vincent Jensch-Müller and Johannes Haerteis. Additionally Dominik Recek (CZE) and Hiroyasu Ehara (JPN) won both of their matches. Tomorrow Court 1 will draw all the attention when Davis Cup player Daniel Masur will serve at 1 p.m.. Also the doubles will start in the morning.

22nd Jan 2017: The qualification has started


While Mischa Zverev causes a sensation in Australia by winning against world number 1 player Andy Murray, there are quite fascinating matches here in Nußloch, too. Since 09.30 a.m. the players are beating the balls round their heads trying to get one of the highly coveted places in the main draw.

21st Jan 2017: Sign-In is closed, order of play is ready


Today the Sign-In took place at the Racket Center in Nußloch from  4 to 6 p.m.. Numerous players showed up to get a spot in the qualification draw. Afterwards the order of play was generated.


You'll find the qualification drawsheet and the order of play »HERE

10th Jan 2017 MLP-Cup 2017 again with a great player’s field


The players who signed in at the “International Tennis Championships of the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region” for the MLP-Cup 2017 are at really close quarters this year. Professional players with rankings from 200 to 400 were attracted by 25.000$ prize money, 27 ATP points for the winner and the great atmosphere at the Racket Center in Nußloch. The first wildcard is already set. By playing and winning the MLP-Cup Challenge tournament for players under 21 (TDKET-Cup 2017), Tim Heger, a promising talent from the region, got the chance to play with the professionals. Besides runner-up Varun Venkat and third placed Niklas Albuszies are offered the possibility to play the qualification to get a place at the MLP-Cup, too. Klick >>here for the final results.

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